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The Pearl of the Aegean - that's what many call this beautiful island. Like the pearl, it is not large, measuring only 24 km from north to south and 19 km wide, but it is all the more beautiful. The hills towering to the sky - the highest peak Mount Hypsarion reaches 1,203 m above sea level, mountain villages, pine, pine and olive groves, romantic coves, quiet beaches, historical sites. And all so pleasantly close. It is this combination that makes Thassos, with its 15,000 inhabitants, a little tourist paradise. So small, in fact, that it couldn't fit an airport - mainly because of its mountainous surface. So planes land on the Greek mainland at Kavala. After about a thirty-kilometre drive to the port of Keramoti, the ferry continues (about 45 minutes). The journey to the chosen hotel already on Thassos usually takes no more than an hour and a half.

Along the evergreen island, also known as the "green emerald of the Aegean", a main road winds its way, allowing you to visit both the deep rocky coves in the west and the fine sand beaches in the south.

There are countless beautiful beaches in Thassos, so it will be up to you to choose which one you consider the best in your private ranking. Here are some tips. It is also the only nude beach on the island. The longest beach is called Golden Beach. It is located between the villages of Skala Potamis and Chrisi Ammoudia and offers a wealth of sporting activities. The entrance to the water is gradual, so a family holiday spent here is unforgettable. Aliki is also worth a look - a small pine-covered peninsula juts out into the sea, and the archaeological zone is also interesting. A narrow path leads through the forest to the remains of two shrines from the 7th century BC, dedicated to the patron saints of sailors Castor and Pollux. Nearby, on a small rise, are the remains of two Christian basilicas dating from the 5th century AD. An abandoned marble quarry from the 6th century BC remains right by the sea. Makryammos beach with its beautiful small beach and white sand is a separate chapter.

The name of the island was probably derived from the word "Dasos", meaning "forest" in Greek, which were on the island in ancient times. Changes in the ancient Greek eventually led to the present name Thassos. Conversely, according to an ancient myth, the island is said to have been named after a prince named Thassos who discovered the island while searching for a Phoenician princess of Europe who had been kidnapped by Zeus. Be that as it may, anyone who visits this island one day will surely be equally impressed.

Based on archaeological findings, it can be assumed that the island has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The first known inhabitants were Thracian tribes. Over the following years, the island was colonized by Athenians, Spartans, Romans, Moors, Turks and, during World War II, Bulgarians.

Like the other Greek islands, Thassos did not escape the efforts of pirates to seize it. Mineral reserves were discovered on the island and became a major export. However, gold, silver, marble, ores, oil and timber were also exported. In the past, Thassos was a maritime power, trading with Asia Minor, Egypt and Italy, for example. In the 1st century AD, the Christian faith was brought to the island. In the 20th century, Thassos was liberated and annexed to Greece.

Tourists appreciate the romantic setting, impressive landscapes, clean beaches, clear sea and historical monuments. At Cape Pirgos you will see the remains of a lighthouse, in Aliki ancient sanctuaries and basilicas. The best preserved are the Hellenistic towers near Thimonia and Astris, which probably served as a defence against pirates. Thassos can certainly be recommended to history buffs. The island was one of the most culturally and economically important areas of Greece in the ancient period and is therefore, despite its small size, rich in historical monuments and sites. Sightseers can explore the excavations of the market agora, the Acropolis fortress or learn about the island's history at the Archaeological Museum. It is also possible to watch a period drama in the historical theatre.

For the increasingly large group of tourists who rent motorbikes and cars for a few days and prefer sightseeing tours, we recommend a visit to the mountain village of Panagia with its narrow streets and 19th-century houses and wooden balconies. Inside the local church you will discover, besides an interesting collection of icons, the flag under which Richard the Lionheart led his campaign. The symbol of the place is a large well in the middle of the village and 5 springs, which can be reached by a narrow path leading from the well in about 5 minutes. The local speciality is honey with figs and nuts. The next mountain village is called Maries, and a short distance beyond it you will find a freshwater pond. Because it is drinking water, swimming in it is forbidden. From here, you can continue on a road more suitable for off-road vehicles to the highest peak of the island, where you have a fabulous view of the whole island and the blue of the Aegean Sea.

The main town of the island is Thassos (also called Limenas), which lies in the northern part of the island. It has a permanent population of 3,000. Its development began at the beginning of the last century, when the main wave of settlers from Asia Minor and Thrace arrived here. The local promenade is lined with many typical Greek tavernas, restaurants, bars and shops. We recommend sampling the local specialties and the Thassos wine, known since antiquity. The picturesque narrow streets invite you to go shopping and stroll around the town in the evening. Sightseers can explore the excavations of the market agora, the Acropolis fortress or learn about the island's history at the archaeological museum.

Tip: Taste the sun-dried olives of Thassos. They have an unmistakable taste, and those who try them often don't want another...

Basic information:

  • Greek name: THASSOS (Θάσος)
  • Capital: Thassos (Limenas)
  • Island area: 389 km2
  • Population: over 15 000
  • The highest peak: Ypsarion (1204 m)



If you want to spend your holiday on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, choose Makryammos. A beautiful and quiet area with a famous sandy beach, clear sea and green surroundings. Just about two kilometres away is the island's capital with its many shops, tavernas, bars, discos... You can get there on foot or by taxi - even by water.

Distance from the administrative centre: approx. 2 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 21km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations.


This smaller resort on the east coast, about 10km from the capital, offers the longest and most beautiful sandy beach on the island - Chrissi Akti, or Golden Beach. In English guidebooks you will find this place under the name Golden Beach. In the harbour it is possible to rent pedal boats or other sport vessels.

Distance from the administrative centre: about 10 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 32 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for family holidays.


A quiet place on the east coast is absolutely ideal for those who want to take hiking trips to the countryside, wild beaches and spend their holidays away from the noisy tourist centres. There is a long rocky beach right in Kinira, a pebble beach is a ten-minute walk away and a sandy beach is a twenty-minute walk away. Two kilometres from the resort you will reach the white sand Paradise Beach.

Distance from the administrative centre: approx. 25 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 42 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations.


Originally a pastoral settlement in the south-west of the island, it has gradually turned into a quieter resort along the sandy beach. If you rent a bike, motorbike or car, you can head to the bustling resort of Limenaria, nine kilometres away, where shops, bars, restaurants and souvenir shops abound. Along the way, you can also stop off at a number of tavernas to sample local specialities or just cool down with a Greek iced coffee called a frappé. There are many beautiful beaches around Astris, where you will find pleasant privacy. On a clear day, you can see as far as the Monastic Republic on Mount Athos on the Halkidiki peninsula.

Distance from the administrative centre: approx. 55 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 71 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations.


The resort in the south of the island is about 47 km from the main town, 4 km south of Limenaria and 12 km from the famous mountain village of Theogolos, which used to be the capital of the island. The local seaside promenade, which is lined with tavernas and bars, is one of the nicest on the island. Tourists can find tourist shops, car and motorbike rental shops, bars and tavernas where they can listen to live music called buzuki.

Distance from the administrative centre: approx. 47 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 63 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations.


Originally a fishing village, today a picturesque and sought-after resort situated on the north-west coast of the island. Skala Rachoni is located 12km from the main town and 3km from the second largest port of the island - Skala Prinos. There are thousands of olive trees in the area, which are several hundred years old. This part of the island is especially famous for its beautiful beaches with clear water and peaceful surroundings.

Distance from the administrative centre: approx. 12 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 32 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations and for those who prefer a quiet environment.

Thassos & East Macedonia

82 min.
Includes: Thassos - Limenas, Agios Yiannis, Chrisi Ammoudia, Skala Potamias, Panagia, Potamia, Kinira, Theologos, Kastro, Mt. Ipsarion, Maries lake, Megalos and Mikros Prinos, Skala Rachoniou, Pachis, Skala Prinos, Skala Marion, Trypiti, Potos, Limenaria, Metalia, Pefkari, Psili Ammos, Giolla, Agios Archangelos, Kekes, Alyki, Aliki, Agios ioannis, Paradise, East Macedonia - Kavala, Drama, Keramoti, Philippi, Alistrati cave, Aggitis canyon, ...

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