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Beautiful beaches, rare sights, quality hotels often with all inclusive meals. This is the combination that makes Rhodes not only the largest in the Dodecanese archipelago, but also the most visited. It has also been popular with our own people for many years, as confirmed by the opening of a Czech music club in the resort of Faliráki.

In addition to its rich history, Rhodes, the most vegetated island in the archipelago, boasts long romantic sandy and pebbly beaches, rocky sea coves and green forests. Most of the beaches are on the east coast, while the western part is characterised by mainly rocky beaches, rougher coastlines and strong winds with ideal conditions for windsurfing. For individual visits to the island, we recommend swimming in Kallithea Bay, which used to be a thermal spa and now offers good conditions for diving. Afandou beach is also well known. Faliráki is famous not only as a centre of all the action, entertainment, attractions, but also for its sandy beaches, suitable for family holidays. Tsambika beach (translated as "firelight") with its fine sand is one of the most famous beaches on the island and is named after the monastery of the same name. On the island, it is said that a day spent on Tsambika is equivalent to a week on another beach. That's how hot the sun is here. You can reach it by turning left about a kilometre after Kolymbia in the direction of Lindos.

Another place not to be missed is the sand and shingle beach of Limanaki in Kolymbia. And to make our list complete, we can't forget Prasonissi on the southern tip of the island, with ideal conditions for surfers ( On most beaches, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas (a set will set you back around €8), and water sports are common. In recent years, interest in the island has also grown among golfers. Near Afandou (about 18 km from Rhodes Town) there is an eighteen-hole course which is open all year round and is equipped with all the necessary facilities. The course was designed by the famous English architect Donald Harradine. The total length of play - 6060 m - men and 5625 m - women, played on 72 par.

The origin of Rhodes is inextricably linked to the myth of Zeus and Helios. According to this myth from Greek mythology, Zeus, after his victory over the Titans, decided to divide the Earth among the Olympian gods. The only one who didn't get his way was Helios, the sun god, because at the moment the Earth was being divided, Helios was wandering the skies and no one remembered him. When he returned and demanded his share, Zeus, though he pitied him, told him that this was no longer possible, for the other gods would be displeased. So Helios asked Zeus and the other gods to consent to his being given the land, which would itself rise out of the sea. Once they agreed, an island emerged from the blue sea. Helios illuminated it with his brightness and made it the most beautiful island in the Aegean.

It's beauty is further enhanced by its people - evidence of its rich and glorious history can be found literally at every turn. The main, eponymous city of the island - Rhodes is completely unique, unrepeatable, picturesque, with a touch of mystery, impressive, charming... there are perhaps not so many adjectives to describe how charming this city is. There is the old commercial port, the Palace of the Grand Masters, Knights Street, Hippocrates Square, Socrates Street, Rodini Park, the casino, the market, countless restaurants, cafes, patisseries, bars, discos... And beaches. That is why many tourists prefer the capital to the classic resorts. In a few minutes they are both on the sandy beaches, where they can laze around during the day, and in the city centre, which wakes up from its daytime slumber every evening.

Basic information:

  • Greek name: RÓDOS (Ρόδος)
  • Capital: RHODOS
  • Island area: 1398 km2
  • Length of coastline: 220 km
  • Population: přes 100 000
  • The highest peak: Atáviros – 1215 m
  • Patron of the island: the island is dedicated to the sun god Helios



On the west coast, just 5 kilometres from the island's capital, is the popular resort of Ixia with its many shops, tavernas, restaurants, bars and discos. On the several kilometres long pebble beach there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, while more active tourists can take advantage of the wide range of water sports on offer. As there is usually a pleasant breeze here, windsurfers will also find something to enjoy. Due to its proximity to Rhodes, we recommend an individual visit to this historic town with its many monuments. You can take advantage of the frequent connections provided by the local regular buses. You will find stops on the main road crossing the resort.


In the capital, tourists who expect a holiday to provide them with day and night entertainment, shopping opportunities and walks along the seashore, in addition to learning about the country's customs, historical sites and the mentality of the people, will find satisfaction. The city of Rhodes could be called the beating heart of the whole island. This is where the centre of all the action is. Rhodes is located in the northern tip and is lined with mostly pebble or sandy beaches. The city was founded in 408 BC and from the beginning was designed with a rectangular street system based on Hippodamus of Miletus, stretching from the acropolis in the west to the east coast.

To this day the streets here bear the names of famous Greek ancestors: those of Homer, Hippodamus, Pythagoras, Pericles, Socrates, Metaxas, etc. In the northern part of the new town, which is surrounded by beaches with water sports possibilities, there is an aquarium with a small natural history museum and about 500m away there is a famous casino. There are many more places to visit, but you will see for yourself after your first visit. There are countless restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, cafes, pastry shops, fast food stands, souvenir shops, a number of banks, ATMs, currency exchange offices and car, motorcycle and bicycle rentals.

Distance from the airport: approx. 16 km. Resort rating: suitable for the younger and middle generation and for anyone who prefers more comprehensive services to the quiet environment of a classic tourist resort. From Rhodes town we recommend to take the public transport to nearby towns, villages and famous places. The local city line runs very frequently and travelling with it is easy and affordable.

Price list from 2009 (always 1 trip): Rhodes - Lindos - 4,80€, Rhodes - Gennadi - 5,20€, Rhodes - Archangelos - 2,30€, Rhodes - Afandou - 2€, Rhodes - Kallithea - 2€, Rhodes - Lardos - 3,80€, Rhodes - Tsambika beach - 2,80€, Rhodes - Kolymbia - 2,80€, Rhodes - Faliraki - 2€.


A well-known tourist area situated on the east coast of the island between the capital and Faliraki, it falls territorially to Kallithea. There is a beautiful sea bay around which hotels and accommodation facilities are built. During the summer season, public transport lines run from here towards the capital or towards Faliráki and other resorts. The original village of Koskinou, which is about 3 km away, is also famous.

Typical are the local narrow streets with country houses whose doors literally glow with colours, red, yellow, blue and turquoise are mostly used. The interior decoration of the houses is also very unusual. Another remarkable feature is the local sweet 'melekouni', which you can order in the patisserie or bakery. In the square, the church from 1873 is worth a visit. The village is set in a beautiful idyllic landscape dotted with many flowers. A festival is regularly held here on 16 July.

Distance from Rhodes: approx. 7 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 23 km. Rating of the area: ideal for a quiet relaxing holiday.


The famous east coast resort, featured in all catalogues of travel agencies from all over the world. Its advantage is a long sandy beach, suitable for family holidays, and there is also an offer of water sports, fun and frolics. There are restaurants, taverns, bars, clubs, discos, shops, jewellery shops, a health centre, ATMs, banks, adrenaline sports, an amusement park and a modern water park on the outskirts of the resort.

Those who don't plan on renting a car will definitely benefit from the services of the busy city line. Faliráki is definitely one of the busier resorts, which come alive especially in the evening and at night, when tourists and locals from nearby and more distant resorts flock here to spend pleasant holiday moments and hours, when 60 minutes is really full, even charged. However, in the resort, especially on the outskirts, there are quiet, even very quiet places that are ideal for a family holiday.

Distance from Rhodes: about 17 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 16 km. Resort rating: suitable for all generations. Everyone will find here what their tourist heart desires.


A smaller peaceful resort on the east coast, south of Faliráki, whose "artery" is the eucalyptus avenue. The biggest attraction of the resort is the local bay, the romantic coastline and the beaches, which are pebble, pebble-sand and pure sand. There are opportunities for water sports and entertainment on the beaches. During your stay, we recommend going for a walk, ideally first thing in the morning or in the evening, to observe the local landscape, environment, flora and fauna. In the resort centre there are grocery and souvenir shops, restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars. We recommend sitting in one of the local fish taverns and ordering grilled octopus or grilled calamari. You can pay with credit cards in the shops and there are also ATMs. From Colombia we also recommend individual visits to the capital, Lindos and other larger or smaller towns or villages.

Distance from Rhodes: approx. 27 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 35 km. Resort rating: ideal for all generations. A restful, relaxing and enjoyable holiday awaits you.


The tourist resort of Pefki is located on the south-east coast of the island, near the village of Lardos (approx. 2km), on the coast of the Lard Bay. The village is set in a beautiful landscape. The village square retains its old elegance: it is surrounded by stylish cafes, restaurants, tavernas and bars. In the middle of the square stands a fountain, made according to the Italian model. The locals often use the square as a meeting place with other villagers during festivals, weddings or christenings. The local people are very friendly and smiling and if you talk to them in a kafenio over a cup of Greek coffee, you are sure to learn a lot of interesting things about the island and its customs and traditions.

In the old part of the village is the church of Agios Taxiarchas, which has a very impressive bell tower. The entrance to the church is surrounded by stately cypress trees. Around the village you can find black granite, a typical island building material, which gives the village its name.

Over the hill, at a distance of about 7km, is the town of Lindos, one of the three ancient towns of the island, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Greece. Excursion tip: at a distance of about 3km is Glystra Beach, where there is a beautiful beach, ideal for spending a pleasant afternoon. Another village, Lefkos, which is also worth your attention and visit, is about 2km away, grown on the site of an original fishing village.

Distance from Lindos: approx. 7 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 60 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations.


Just approximately six kilometres from the world-famous town of Lindos is the renowned bay of Vlycha Beach. Several hotels, studios, apartments and villas for rent have sprung up along the sandy pebble beach, and there are also several shops and a bar. It's the perfect place for those who are looking for tranquillity on holiday, but at the same time want to be close to the UNESCO-listed town. You can get there by either a local bus or a taxi. The ride will cost about 8-14 euros. We recommend renting a car for at least part of your stay and exploring the beauty of the island on your own.

Beach: sandy with pebbles.
Distance from Lindos: approx. 6 km.
Distance from the airport: approx. 54 km.
Rating of the resort: suitable for a quiet relaxing holiday.


82 min.
Includes: Rhodes Town - Mandraki, Nea Agora, Old Town, Street of the Knights (Ippoton), Palace of the Grand Master, D'Amboise Gate, Archaeological Museum (Knight's Hospital), Mosque of Suleiman, Marine Gate, Hippocrates (Ippocratous) Square, Evreon Martyron Square, Monte Smith, Temple of Apollo, Odeon, Ancient Stadium, Rodini Park, Koskinou, Kalithea, Oasis, Tassos, Nicolas Beach, Faliraki, Anthony Quinn and Ladiko Bay, Traganou Beach, Kolymbia, Epta Piges, Agios Nektarios, Tsambika Monastery and Beach, Archangelos Castle, Stegna, Feraklos Castle, Agathi Beach, Charaki, Vlicha, Lindos, Temple of Athena Lindia, Lindos Beach, St. Paul Bay, Pefki, Lardos, Glystra Beach, Thari Monastery, Asklipio, Lachania, Plimmiri, Korakas Beach, Prasonisi, Apolakkia Bay, Mesanagros, Skiadi Monastery, Fourni Beach, Monolithos Castle, Siana, Attaviros Gorge, Embonas, Kritinia Castle, Kopria Beach, Kamiros Beach, Ancient Kamiros, Profitis Ilias, Mussolini's Villa de Vecchi, Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli, Eleousa, Petaloudes, Ostrich Farm, Ialyssos Beach, Filerimos, Rhodes Town at Night, ...

29 Beaches of Rhodes

13 min.
Includes: 29 Beaches of Rhodes

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