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The islands of Skopelos, Skiathos and Alonissos, which lie in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea in the archipelago of the Northern Sporades, offer a similar picture: red roofs of houses, endless green-silver olive orchards, heady-smelling pine forests, ribbons of sandy beaches, outcroppings of steep cliffs, white churches on high hills and yachts mixed with colourful fishing boats. Skopelos is a quiet, picturesque island, with dense coniferous forests. The length of the island is about 45 km, the width about 10-12 km. The island has an area of 96 km² and a population of 5,000, of which 3,000 live in the capital Skopelos. The north-eastern coast is steep, mostly made up of rocky cliffs, and the only major and accessible bay is at Skopelos town. The south-eastern coast has a gentler profile. The beauty of this island will be apparent at first contact.

The main town of Skopelos resembles an amphitheatre. It stands on the slopes of a sheltered bay, and the houses crowded one on top of the other provide beautiful views. You'll find plenty of chapels and monasteries, the remains of walls and city fortifications, many narrow streets and picturesque corners. There are restaurants, taverns, bars. However, it is not a mass entertainment, you will not meet here noisy crowds of English youth, but rather couples. Few island towns in Greece have retained such character as Skopelos. Skopelos has many nice beaches. Those looking for organised fun with boat hire, beach tavernas and umbrellas will succeed here, but also those who just want to find their own, hidden beach away from the others.

Milia beach is about 2 km from Panormos. It is the largest beach on the island, you also have the possibility to use the beach service - sunbeds, umbrellas and restaurants. On the island you can also find beaches that could be called natural, unorganized. This is what can make them attractive. Hovolo or Perivoliou beach fulfils exactly this character. If you don't rent a car or a small motorbike, most of the beaches can be reached by bus. The island is not overcrowded with tourists. Go to Skopelos if you want to enjoy the wonderfully clear sea, natural beauty, greenery and authenticity of the Greek island world.



About four kilometres south of the capital lies the village of Stafilos. Below it, in the bay of Velanio, where the Roman baths once stood, you'll find the beaches of Stafilos and Velanio (a semi-nude beach) with sand and small stones.The road along the sea continues from Stafilos to the village of Agnondas. Approximately 1,5 km from Agnondas is the beach of Limnonari. Following a narrow path above the sea, you will reach the beach, which is located in a sheltered bay and offers clear water, umbrellas, sun loungers, a swimming pool and the essential tavern.


The bay of Panormos with its namesake beach is ideal for families with children. There are several tavernas and shops in the village. Milia beach is about 2 km away from Panormos and is considered the most beautiful on the island. The way to it is along a comfortable wide road. It is the largest beach on the island. Above its arch, you can refresh yourself in a small tavern located in the shade of the trees and you also have the possibility to use the beach service - sunbeds, umbrellas and snack bar, which is right on the beach.

Distance from the airport: Skiathos (airport) - Skopelos 20 km + 60 min by boat.


Glifoneri is a tiny resort with a sand and shingle beach of the same name. It is located about 150 m from the Kavouris guesthouse and about 800 m from the main town of Skopelos. Near the beach you will find two romantic restaurants with a beautiful view of the sea. The first grocery store can be found on the outskirts of Skopelos (800 m). Everything else you need to enjoy a wonderful holiday can be found in Skopelos.

Distance from the airport: Skiathos (airport) - Skopelos 5 km + 60 min by boat

Basic information:

  • Greek name: Skopelos (Σκόπελος)
  • Capital: Skopelos
  • Island area: 96 km2
  • Population: over 4700
  • The highest peak: Delphi, 681 m


51 min.
Touch, 2019
Includes: Skopelos, Moni Evangelismou Tis Theotokou, Moni Sotiros, Moni Agia Varvara, Moni Timiou Prodromou, Agia Anna, Moni Agii Taxiarches, Velanio, Stafilos, Drakontoschisma, Amarandos, Agnondas, Moni Agios Riginos, Pefkias, Limnonari, Blo, Panormos, Adrina, Milia, Kastani, Ftelia, Ekatopenintari, Chovolo (Hovolo), Neo Klima - Elios, Karkatzouna, Kalives, Armenopetra, Kosta, Loutra - Roman Baths, Loutraki, Glistra, Glossa, Moni Taxiarches, Faros, Perivoliou, Angeletou, Pethameni, Chondrogiorgi, Spilia, Agios Ioannis, Sendoukia (Pirate’s Graveyard), Glisteri, Glifoneri

36 beaches of Skopelos

21 min.
Melissa Travel, 2019
Includes: 36 beaches of Skopelos

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