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Parga is surrounded by pine forests and olive groves with a massive mountain range in the background. Igoumenitsa is less than 50 km to the north, and Preveza is about 60 km to the south. Due to its favourable climate, it is visited by tourists from May to October. Parga was declared a tourist destination in 1963. The town of Parga is situated in a small bay under the Pindos Mountains and is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Above the town, on a small peninsula, is the ruins of a castle built by the Janin Pasha Ali. Parga boasts beautiful natural scenery, clear sea, beautiful beaches. The landscape is characterised by lush subtropical vegetation, forested mountains, fertile plains and a very rugged coastline with beautiful nooks and crannies.

Parga is not a modern resort, but has an ancient Greek character with typical narrow streets that are narrow, only a little wider than outstretched arms. Miniature squares are lined with shops and cafes. The promenade in the centre ends at the harbour. There is a great selection of cafes and restaurants along the entire waterfront. In the evening, this waterfront gives you the opportunity for a pleasant stroll. Sitting in one of the cafés above Parga under the walls will be one of the most beautiful moments. In the town you will also find several supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shops, bakeries with an irresistible range of all kinds of puff pastry. You can take advantage of the offer of car rentals and make a little trip to the surrounding Epirus region.

In Parga you'll find a wider choice of beaches. There is a sandy beach right in the centre of the town, then a smaller pebble beach among the cliffs of Piso Krioneri and the large sandy beach of Valtos, which is on the other side of the castle, about a 15-minute walk from the centre. At the town beach you can rent umbrellas, sun loungers and pedalos. At Valtos beach you can rent a boat or go paragliding behind a speedboat. On the beach you can visit the "Tango Club" area with a freshwater pool, umbrellas and sun loungers.

Distance from the airport: Preveza - Parga 60 km


Sivota is a small seaside resort located on the west coast of Greece (26 km from the port of Igoumenitsa and 33 km from the town of Parga), opposite the island of Corfu. The beaches in the resort are awarded the "Blue Flag", given only to places with clean and well-maintained beaches. Wherever you go here, you will always find a larger or smaller beach with a magnificent view of the sea and the surrounding mountains. We counted a total of 27 beaches in Sivot and the surrounding area, a variety and number of beaches you won't find in much bigger places or islands. There is also pleasant swimming on the adjacent islets, which you can reach by rented boat or cruise ship.

The main landmark in Sivota is the waterfront, where you can watch the boats leaving and arriving, watch fish being sold, or take a stroll and watch the sea or sunset over a frappé in a café. There are also car, scooter and motorboat rentals. The charm of Sivota lies in its hospitality, gentleness, pleasantness, the beauty of the atmosphere of the mainland and the other islands that are in sight. The colour of the sea is incredible, the large number of beaches with beautiful coloured pebbles and pebbles. The beauty of nature, as well as all the infrastructure available, makes Sivota a pleasant place to relax.

The unforgettable atmosphere is influenced by the local climate as well as by the kindness and friendship of the locals. If you want to relax by the sea (actively or passively), Sivota is a good choice. And trust that the friendly Greeks will be happy to see you in the resort, because they appreciate tourists and are rightly proud of this beautiful place, which despite all its amenities remains a pleasant small town. Sivota is a handy starting point for day trips both for history (Dodoni, Meteora - a set of medieval monasteries on the rocks, Necromanteion - the oracle of the dead, etc.) and for natural beauty (Vikos - the deepest abyss in Europe, the mountain villages of Monodendri, Kipi and the arched, stone mountain bridges from the time of Turkish rule). A trip to the mythical river Acheron offers a combination of mythical history and nature. And of course Ioannina - the capital of the Epirus region, which has an oriental character. A nice day trip for swimming can be taken by speedboat to the beaches of the more distant islands of Paxi and Antipaxi.

Distance from the airport: Preveza - Sivota 85 km.


Ammoudia is a small sleepy resort with a long sandy beach, which comes to life mainly at weekends when Greeks from the surrounding area flock to spend the weekend on the seafront or dine in the local famous tavernas.

It is located on the Ionian coast near the resort of Parga, which is known for its rich history and ancient roots. Here you will find the mythical river of the dead, the Acheron, mentioned by Homer in his epic Odyssey, which flows into the Ionian Sea at Ammoudia. The Acheron, together with the river Kokytos, comes from the north and forms a right angle, which in ancient times was believed to be the entrance to the underworld. A few kilometres from the resort is the Necromanteion, the only oracle of the dead found so far.

Ammoudia is a place characterised by a large sandy beach that stretches along the entire resort. The local beach is a good choice for those who seek a gentle entrance to the sea. However, there are also smaller beaches in the area that are hidden among the rocks. In the resort you will find everything you need to enjoy your holiday - shops, restaurants and an ATM.

Distance from the airport: Preveza - Ammoudia 45 km.

Basic information:

  • Greek name: Epirus (Hπειρος)
  • Capital: Ioannnina


34 min.
INEX, 2019
Includes: Agios Athanasios - Perdika, Sarakiniko, Agios Sostis, Spartila, Plakero, Ali Pasha Castle, Louka’s Watermill, Anthousa, Waterfall Anthousa, Valtos, Venetian castle of Parga (Kastro), Panagia, Parga, Krioneri, Piso Krioneri, Agia Eleni, Lichnos, Agios Giannakis, Elos Kalodiki Lake

Ammoudia, Acheron River, Souli

17 min.
INEX, 2019
Includes: Ammoudia, Acheron river, Glyki, Souli, Souli watermills, Nekromanteio, Alonaki Fanariou beach, Amoni beach, Skala beach, Kerentza beach

51 beaches of Parga - Sivota

30 min.
Melissa Travel, 2019
Includes: Plataria, Elena, Nautilos, Dei Plus, Dei,Zeri, Gallikos Molos 03:52 Blue Lagoon, Agios Nikolaos, Agios Nikolaos, Sivota, Karvuno, Sivota, Megalo Mourtemeno, Bella Vraka, Zavia, Megali Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Mega Drafi and Mikri Drafi, Agia Paraskevi, Kamini, Arilla, Stavrolimenas, Karavostasi, Sarakiniko, Agios Sostis, Spartila, Plakero, Valtos, Krioneri, Piso Krioneri, Lichnos, Agios Giannakis, Ammoudia, Alonaki Fanariou, Amoni, Skala, Kerentza


62 min.
Includes: Parga, Ioannina, Zagoria, Vikos Gorge, Monodendri, Mikro and Megalo Papingo, Acheron river, Nekromanteio, Zalongo, Dodoni, Ali Pasha castle, Syvota, Katarraktis - waterfalls, Arta, Ancient Cassope, Aristi, ...

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