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The uninhabited island of Saria is called the island of pirates. It is located close to the northern edge of Karpathos. Its beautiful virgin beaches with crystal clear waters make it a popular destination for cruise ships arriving from Diafani and Pigadia in summer. In ancient times there were two important cities, Saros and Nisyros.

Basic information:

  • Greek name: Saria (Σαρία)
  • Island area: 20 km2
  • Population: 45
  • The highest peak: Pachy Vouno (631 m)

Saria - Boat Trip

20 min.
Includes: Karpathos - Diafani, Sea Cave, Saria - Palatia, gorge, Agios Zacharias, Agia Sofia, Alimounda, ...

36 Beaches of Karpathos & Saria

11 min.
Includes: 36 Beaches of Karpathos & Saria

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