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Ithaca was made famous primarily by Homer's epic of King Odysseus, the hero of the Trojan War. With an area of 92 square kilometres, it is the fifth largest island of the Ionian archipelago in the sea of the same name. Due to the lack of an airport, tourism has not penetrated the island. Ithaca still retains its typical Greek character.

On Ithaca you will not find any crowded tourist resorts by the sea and large hotel complexes. Instead, the coastline is lined with well-kept family-run guesthouses serving traditional cuisine. There's no unnecessary rush, bustle or fuss. You can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday. Much of the face of Ithaca today is due to its friendly and helpful inhabitants. Ithaca is full of beautiful and interesting places both inland and on the coast, which are often only accessible by dirt roads. Everyone will find their favourite beach where they can swim in the crystal clear water.

A narrow strait (only 600 m) and the deep Molos Bay divide the island into a northern and southern part. At first glance, Ithaca is dominated by its rocky high hills. In the centre of the northern part of the island, the 809-metre high peak of the Nirito Mountains is the highest on the island. Due to the abundant winter rainfall, most of the area is densely forested.

The archaeological sites associated with Homer's stories, the beautiful fishing villages and the beaches make this island very interesting. The island's capital is Vathi, situated along the shore of a deep bay surrounded by hills. The scenic beauty of the town and its surroundings is best seen from some of the viewpoints that dot the island. Not far from the mainland is the islet of Lazaretto. In the town itself, you can visit a small archaeological museum, where finds from the Mycenaean period can be seen. A library, concentrating on editions of Homer's works, is housed in a neighbouring house. Among other things, it also owns a rare Japanese edition from the 1600s.

The second largest town on the island is Stavros, situated in the hills to the north (12km from Kioni). In addition to the statue of Odysseus, there is also a small archaeological museum with an exhibition of local finds. Here you can see, for example, a terracotta mask on which the inscription Odysseus can be read. Near the hill, in the bay of Polis, there is the cave of Loizos, where people used to go to worship the gods in ancient times.

The most popular resort on Ithaca, Kioni, is a picture-perfect Greece cut out of a postcard, with typical houses rising up the hill around the bay. The promenade promises an abundance of shops, bars and tavernas, as well as uninterrupted walks around the town. Kioni is such a cute and charming place that it perfectly suits all the requirements of tourists who want to experience their holidays in a truly authentic Greek spirit. Yachts of various sizes are moored in the small harbour. You can see the Ag. Nikolaos, where you can find the remains of an old ancient temple. Around Kioni you can visit the small bays, the windmills on the hilltops or you can go hiking in the hills. If you want to experience the feeling of being a sailor, you can rent a speedboat and explore the beaches near and far. Some of the beaches are only accessible by sea, so you'll find places where you'll be on your own. Kioni is the ideal place for those who are looking for the beauty of Greece unspoiled by tourism.

Distance from the airport: Kefalonia (airport) - Ithaka (Vathi) 35 km + 40 min. by boat

Basic information:

  • Greek name: Ithaka
  • Capital: Vathy
  • Island area: 118 km2
  • Population: over 3200
  • The highest peak: Nirito (809 m)


38 min.
Includes: Vathy, Loutsa, Minimata, Skinos, Gidaki, Filiatro, Sarakiniko, Aresthousa Krini, Rizes Cave, Perachori, Agios Ioannis Petaliatiko, Dexa, Aetos, Kedros, Aspros Gialos, Stavros, Polis, Exogi, Panagia Eleousa, Palace of Odysseus, Melanydros Fountain, Afales, Frikes, Kourvoulia Beaches, Mavrona, Kioni, Anogi, Menhir of Herakles, Katharon Monastery, Vathy in night, Pisaetos


29 min.
INEX, 2017
Includes: Ithaka - Vathy, Lazareto, Marina, Loutsa beach, Venetian canons of Loutsa's Castle, Mnimata, Skinos, Gidaki, Filiatro, Cape Skotargio, Sarakiniko, Arethousa Krini, Pera Pigadi, Panagia Spiliotissa, Rizes cave, Perachori, Palaiochora, Cave of the Nymphs, Dexa, Aetos, Kedros, Aspros Gialos, Komninou Ammos, Koutoupi, Katharon monastery, Anogi, Menhir of Herakles, Stavros, Palace of Odysseus - School of Homer, Panagia Eleousa, Platrithias, Exogi, Kolieri, Fountain of Kalamos - Melanydros Fountain, Afales, Platia Ammos, Alikes, Marmakas, Frikes, Kourvoulia beaches, Kioni

24 beaches of Ithaca

9 min.
Includes: Loutsa, Mnimata, Skinos, Gidaki, Filiatro, Cape Skotargio, Sarakiniko, Pera Pigadi, Dexa, Aetos, Kedros, Aspros Gialos, Komninou Ammos, Koutoupi, Afales, Platia Ammos, Alikes, Marmakas, Frikes, Kourvoulia, Kioni

Kefalonie, Ithaca, Skorpios - Boat Trip

14 min.
Includes: Kefalonie - Fiskardo, Ithaka - Gidaki Beach, Kioni, Meganissi - Papanicolis Cave, Madouri Island, Lefkada - Nidri, ...

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