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Pierie - Olympic Riviera

The area of Pieria - also known as the Olympic Riviera - is located at the most beautiful "crossroads" of Greece, on the northeast coast, below the imposing Mount Olympus, which according to Greek mythology was chosen by the 12 gods as their seat and from where they ruled the land. The Olympic Riviera occupies a coastal strip of the Aegean Sea of about 70 km. The whole area is very well known and popular in our country from the time when travel to Greece was mainly by bus or by car. Czech is spoken all day long not only by our tourists, but also by the staff. The tourist season here lasts quite long - from the beginning of May until mid-October, because the spring and autumn dates are used by tourists who come on one of the sightseeing tours, during which they get to know the whole of Greece. The main attractions of the area are the long sandy beaches and the easy accessibility to important historical, cultural and natural sites, including the second largest Greek city of Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki), Dion, Vergina, the Tempi Valley, the town of Kalambaka and the monasteries of Meteora. In Greek, the word "metéoros" means to float between heaven and earth and refers, for example, to the path of a meteorite. Here, in places close to the sky - on the tops of rocks, rising like towers high above the river - stand these monasteries built by monks. When it starts to get dark in the valley but the sun hasn't fully set, or when the morning mist hangs over the mountains, the monasteries look as if they are actually floating. The whole place is magical, mysterious, full of energy.

The journey to Athens is a bit more time-consuming, but there are always many people who are happy to go to the Greek capital.

The area is supplied with clean water from the glaciers of Mount Olympus, which creates a very pleasant microclimate with minimal rainfall and constant air temperatures. Therefore, the area is recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers. It also has beneficial effects on the upper respiratory tract and stays are also suitable for people with psoriasis. The Riviera is made up of small fishing villages, newly built tourist resorts (Katerini, Paralia, Olympiaki Akti, Varikos, Plaka, Leptokaria, Panteleimon, Platamonas, Nei Pori, etc.), which offer accommodation in studios, small family-run hotels, guesthouses and hotel complexes and complexes with state-of-the-art facilities. The administrative capital of the area is the town of Katerini, which lies south of Thessaloniki, at a distance of about 65 km.

The area is suitable for both quiet family holidays and for those of you who prefer more sightseeing tours and the bustle of the tourist resorts. Every traveller will be delighted by the endless bright sandy beaches with a gradual entry into the sea, which regularly receive the European Union Blue Flag for their cleanliness.

There are a total of five resorts in this attractive destination (Leptokaria, Nei Pori, Makrigialos, Dion and Mesagala), which are full of traditional restaurants and tavernas, souvenir shops (local fur shops are also renowned), but which still have a pleasant homely feel. If you decide to take an air tour to this area, you will be assured of a wonderful summer 2010 and many wonderful memories of an unforgettable holiday.

Basic information:

  • Greek name: PIERIA
  • Capital: Katerini
  • Island area: 1517 km2
  • Population: over 131 000
  • The highest peak: Mitykas (in the Olympos Mountains) – 2917 m above sea level



Originally a small fishing village, it has grown over the years into a lively seaside resort, consisting of a main street dotted with souvenir shops, boutiques, minimarkets, restaurants, tavernas and fast food stalls. The resort offers day and night entertainment options. For the young there are several trendy bars, discos and clubs. The resort comes alive in the evening and at night, when people stroll, go for walks, go to restaurants, taverns or sit with friends in the fish restaurant with deliciously prepared seafood specialties. You will also find a church and a harbour where several boats are moored by locals who go out to sea every day. The town has a pebbly coastline with 2 sandy beaches, and a sandy beach outside the centre. The massive Crusader castle ( towers above Platamonas, which has occupied a strategically important position for centuries. It was bombed by the German army in World War II. Excavations began here in 1973 and continued until 1989.

Distance from Thessaloniki: about 98 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations. During your stay we recommend walking along the coast or visiting the neighbouring resort of Nei Pori. There is also a bank in the resort, an ATM, accessible 24 hours a day, is just nearby.


Today a well-known and sought-after seaside resort whose biggest attraction is a long wide sandy beach with water sports facilities. The resort is bordered by the mythical Mount Olympus, whose natural mountain backdrop prevents access to northern winds and rainy weather. It is here that a special microclimate is created with an above-average number of sunny days. The resort stretches for several kilometres. The main street is lined with accommodation facilities, mostly apartments or studios, as well as souvenir shops, restaurants, taverns, bars, confectioneries, tourist offices and exchange offices.

The modern resort does not lack an Orthodox church, spacious playgrounds for children or an amusement park. Every evening a small train runs between Nei Pori and Platamonas. A return ticket costs about 5€. In the afternoon there is usually a train from here to the castle via Platamonas, the ticket price is about 7€ and from Platamonas about 5€. For the sporty traveller there is an athletic centre, which includes tennis courts, sports fields, an equipped fitness centre, a large swimming pool, a children's play area and a snack bar.

Distance from Thessaloniki: approx. 100 km. Distance from Platamonas: approx. 2 km. Resort rating: suitable for all generations, for family holidays and for sporty people. We recommend renting a car, motorbike or bicycle. Fees are in this range (2007 prices): bike - 3€/3 hours, 5€/6 hours, 8€/12 hours, 10€/day, 24€/3 days Scooter - 12€/3 hours, 15€/6 hours, 20€/12 hours, 25€/24 hours, 70€/3 days. Car (small with air-conditioning) - 48€/day - limit 200km, for every extra kilometer you pay 0,26€, 97€/2 days, 137€/3 days, 280€/week. Quad bike - 20€/3 hours, 35€/6 hours, 50€/12 hours


This small, quiet resort, dominated by a long sandy beach with a gentle entrance to the sea, is suitable for family holidays. There are several restaurants, souvenir shops and a number of campsites on the main street that runs through the resort, as the area is very popular with tourists coming to Greece to camp and camp.

Distance from Thessaloniki: approx. 90 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations. We recommend a visit to the old village of Palios Panteleimon, where you will see the original village architecture and learn about contemporary Greek village life.


In recent years Leptokaria has become a large modern seaside resort, situated at the foot of Mount Olympus and bathed by the Aegean Sea. Leptokaria offers its guests everything they need. Clean sea, long sandy pebble beaches, day and night entertainment, abundant shopping opportunities. The main street is lined with many restaurants, taverns, cafes, pastry shops, minimarkets and supermarkets. There are also a number of travel agencies, currency exchange offices, car, bike and motorbike rentals.

Distance from Thessaloniki: approx. 80 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations. We also recommend walks in the surroundings, a visit to the traditional village of Palia Leptokaria and the archaeological site of Livithra. For more fit hikers, there is the possibility of mountain hikes to Mount Olympus.


Not yet discovered by Czech tourists, but a renowned place where you will find everything you expect from a stay by the sea. Pleasant sandy beaches with gently shelving beaches, clean sea, warm people and of course cafes, pastry shops, fast food and fruit stalls, restaurants, taverns, bars and discos where you can sip a great frappé, taste local specialties, eat and have fun in the evening. There are also a number of grocery and souvenir shops, ATMs, car and motorbike rentals, etc. A large church, a wide promenade and a fishing harbour dominate the area.

On the beach there is a possibility to rent pedal boats or try a more adrenaline-filled fun - like banana boat ride. The local area is famous for its mythical mountains, Olympus (with the highest peak Mytikas 2917 m above sea level) and Pieria (with the highest peak Flambouro, 2192 m above sea level). Also here, near the village of Kolindors, is the village of Katafigi, where Alexis Zorba (real name Georgios Zorba) was born and who inspired Nikos Kazantzakis to write his famous novel Alexis Zorba the Greek.

Distance from Thessaloniki: approx. 70 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations. During the day it is possible to visit the Aperio complex with freshwater pools. You can take a walk to the very peaceful village of Korinos, where there is a very pleasant atmosphere.

Delphi, Meteora, Thermopyles, Thessaloniki

20 min.
Includes: Delphi, Museum, Thermopyles, Meteora, Varlaam and Great Meteoron monastery, Platamonas castle, Litochoro, Mount Olympus, Stavros refuge, Dion, Vergina - Aegae Palace, Royal Tombs, Thessaloniki - Galerius Arch, Rotunda, Agios Dimitrios church, Agora, ...

Thassos & East Macedonia

82 min.
Includes: Thassos - Limenas, Agios Yiannis, Chrisi Ammoudia, Skala Potamias, Panagia, Potamia, Kinira, Theologos, Kastro, Mt. Ipsarion, Maries lake, Megalos and Mikros Prinos, Skala Rachoniou, Pachis, Skala Prinos, Skala Marion, Trypiti, Potos, Limenaria, Metalia, Pefkari, Psili Ammos, Giolla, Agios Archangelos, Kekes, Alyki, Aliki, Agios ioannis, Paradise, East Macedonia - Kavala, Drama, Keramoti, Philippi, Alistrati cave, Aggitis canyon, ...

Athens & Aegina

11 min.
Includes: Athens - Acropolis and museum, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Odeon Herod Atticus, Theatre of Dionysus, Agora, Temple of Hephaestus, Hadrian's Arch, National Archaeological Museum, Olympic Stadium Kallimarmaro, Guard Change, Aegina - Town, Agios Nektarios monastery, Temple of Aphaia, ...

Accommodation - Thessaloniki
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