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The Greek island of Lefkada is one of the most beautiful Ionian islands. An island of beautiful romantic beaches and unique natural scenery, a place that captivates anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature certainly has something to offer its visitors. Lefkada will dazzle you not only with its beautiful natural scenery, but also with its beautiful azure sea, from which rise steep limestone cliffs, which, thanks to the favourable climate, are covered with eucalyptus, plane trees, pine trees, geraniums and hibiscus. Not only because of its beautiful nature, Lefkada is often referred to as the island of lovers.

If you want to spend your holiday actively, take a walking tour from Nidri to the waterfall in the Dimosaris Canyon. This hike is not so much about the waterfall itself, but rather a very magical place among the rocks in the gorge. However, if you prefer a more private recreation, we recommend a visit to the beautiful Egremni beach, which is protected from the crowds of tourists, mainly due to its poorer access. If, on the other hand, you are travelling more for sightseeing, Lefkada has something to offer you too. It is an extremely interesting inland area, mostly very rugged, forested slopes of many valleys and in them small villages and villages with traditional livelihoods where time seems to have stopped. An interesting place to visit is a mountain village called Karia, where you can buy hand-woven laces and lace that will later remind you of a pleasant summer spent or become a suitable gift for your loved ones. The fortress of Santa Maura is also worth a visit, as is the picturesque village of Poros, above which you can find the remains of a Venetian castle.

An unforgettable experience and certainly a highlight of your trip could also be Cape Ducato, located in the south of the island. Here you will find a lighthouse and a stunning view of the Ionian Sea. This place was considered one of the gates to the underworld in ancient times. Another equally interesting legend says that the famous poet Sappho, who was from the island of Lesbos, jumped off this cliff and committed suicide on Cape Lefkas because her love for a man named Phaeton was not reciprocated. This is why the place is also called Sapphó's Leap, or more commonly the Cape of the Lady.

Another resort is Agios Nikitas. Originally a fishing village hidden in the greenery between the cliffs on the west coast of the island. The greatest rarity of this place is the preserved character of the village. The main street runs through the centre, lined with restaurants, shops, cafes and small family-run guesthouses and hotels. Nearby are the beaches of Pefkoulia, Milos and Kathisma beach. The latter is about 2 kilometres away. There is also a tavern and umbrella and sunbed rental. Another interesting place is the village of Syvota - a very quaint harbour where boats, ships and flashy yachts are moored. The village is famous for its excellent local fish restaurants and taverns. The fate of the island was greatly influenced in the last century by the multi-billionaire Onassis, who bought the nearby islet of Skorpios. Wanting peace and quiet, he made sure that Lefkada was not overly touristic. His peak has meant that even now you can still soak up the pleasant Greek atmosphere.

Basic information:

  • Greek name: Lefkáda (Λευκάδα)
  • Capital: Lefkada
  • Island area: 302 km2
  • Length of coastline: cca 115 km
  • Population: over 25 000
  • The highest peak: Stavrotas, 1158 m


98 min.
Touch, 2019
Includes: Lefkada Town, Archaeologiacal museum, Kariotes, Tebeli, Paradeisos, Ligia, Episkopos, Nikiana, Agios Ioannis tou Baptisti, Agioi Pateres, Agios Georgios, Kokkini Ekklisia, Pasa, Perigiali, Nidri (Dimosari) Waterfalls, Nidri, Agia Kyriaki, Wilhelm Dörpfeld Gravesite, Gria Lagada, Desimi, KamarivPoros, Mikros Gialos, Sivota, Agios Ilias, Syvros, Kerasia Springs, Dafni Springs, Agios Ioannis (Rodaki), Chirospilia cave, Afteli, Amarandos, Ammousa, Cape Kastri, Agiofili, Vassiliki, Cape Doukato, Agios Nikolaos Ira, Porto Katsiki, Oasis Taverna, Egremni, Gialos, Komilio, Agios Donatos, Eglouvi, Profitis Ilias, Karya, Megali Petra, Kavalikefta, Avali, Nektar Paradise, Gaidaros, Exanthia, Kalamitsi, Kathisma, Milos, Agios Nikitas, Pefkoulia, Gialou Skala, Kaminia, Agios Ioannis Antzousis, Kryoneri (Agioneri), Faneromeni monastery, Agios Ioannis - Mili, Gira, Kastro, Lefkas Canal & Floating Bridge, Agia Maura, Ammoglossa, Grivas castle, Vagia, Agios Nikolaos

73 beaches of Lefkada

51 min.
Melissa Travel, 2019
Includes: Lefkada - Nidri, Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Gialos, Kalamitsi, Megali Petra, Kavalikefta, Kathisma, Agios Nikitas, Milos, Desimi, Mikros Gialos, Sivota, Afteli, Ammousa, Nikiana, Agiofili, Vassiliki, Pefkoulia, Agios Ioannis, Flevas bay, Mili, Gira, Ammoglossa, Kastri, Kryoneri, Kamari, Kariotes, Agioneri, Tebeli, Paradeisos, Ligia, Episkopos, Pasa, Perigiali, Gria Lagada, Amarandos, Kastro, Komilio, Avali, Nektar Paradise, Gaidaros, Gialou Skala, Kaminia, Vagia, Agios Nikolaos, ...



The small town of Nidri was the first to attract foreign tourists to the island. Today, it is a modern resort whose streets, restaurants, cafes and bars, discos, apartments, studios and hotels fill up mainly from May to October. The main street is lined with souvenir, food and clothing shops. There are newsagents, jewellers, a medical service and everything you might need during your holiday. Nidri was also home to the German archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld, who considered this island, and not Ithaca, to be Homer's Ithaca, the homeland of Odysseus, relying particularly on topographical facts. However, the results of his excavations did not provide sufficient evidence for his controversial claim. The beaches here are both sandy and pebbly, with gently shelving beaches and crystal clear water, and you can hire jet skis, pedalos, boats or water skis.

Boats leave daily from Nidri for the nearby islands of Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Paxos and Antipaxos. The view from the beach of the islands near Nidri is spectacular, especially Meganisi, Sparti and the privately owned island of Skorpios. It lies about 3 miles off the coast (1 nautical mile = 1.853km) and is especially famous for the fortunes of its owners; the family of the shipowner Aristotle Onassis. The relationship of the locals to the Onassis family varies. On the one hand, they undoubtedly provide jobs and money for the town (many people worked and still work on the island), on the other hand, Onassis has put a halt to the growth of tourism on the island, as he tried to put the brakes on tourism in order to have peace and privacy. The closest island is Madouri, approximately 800m off the coast. This island is densely forested and is home to the poet Aristotle Valaoris. This island is also privately owned and therefore cannot be visited.

Hiking tip: the waterfalls, which are located near the village of Rachi. The latter is located about 2km from Nidri. We can also orientate ourselves by the blue sign that says "waterfalls". If you would be driving a rented car, park in the parking lot of a small water plant and then walk about 15 minutes to the waterfall.

Distance from the administrative centre: about 15 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 37 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations.

Gregory's Hotel, Nidri

2 min.
Includes: Gregory's Hotel - Nidri, Lefkada


Agios Nikitas is a charming village nestled in the greenery between the cliffs on the west coast of the island. Here you will find the charm of a forgotten romance, which is underlined by the preserved old part with its narrow streets and the main street where you will find shops, cafes and classic Greek taverns. But the best thing about this place is the pleasure of swimming in the blue-green waters of the open sea, which is lined with both pebble and sandy beaches. Right in the resort there is a sandy beach (coarser sand), which turns into a pebble beach with picturesque corners on the left and right side. A walk over the hill is Milos beach, which can also be reached by boat taxi, and then Pefkoulia beach. These are some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. You will appreciate the beauty of the west coast when viewed from the sea. Agios Nikitas is the most sought after place on the island and is also one of the most attractive places in Greece. Regular bus connections allow frequent visits to the capital Lefkas (about 13 km).


A smaller resort built amidst greenery, located in the east of the island between the resorts of Nidri and Ligia. There are several shops, restaurants and tavernas in the resort, but their number is limited. The area is known among the locals for its crystal clear sea water. The rugged coastline is made up of several smaller beaches, covered with pebbles and coarser sand. It is an ideal place to relax, unwind and go for walks in the surroundings.

Distance from Nidri: approx. 6 km. Distance from the administrative centre: approx. 9 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations.


The smaller quiet tourist area of Perigiali is located on the east coast of the island, along the main road and the coast of Perigiali. Also from here, as well as from the famous resort of Nidri, about a kilometre away, you can enjoy the view of a group of islands such as Heloni, Madouri, Skorpidi, Skorpion and others. On the other side, the resort is surrounded by a mountain range that rises quite steeply to a height of about 600 metres. The area is suitable both for walking around the area and for more demanding hiking. If you take one of the hiking trails, you will be rewarded with a view of the surrounding natural scenery that takes your breath away. There are several grocery and souvenir shops in the resort, as well as a couple of restaurants. For shopping and evening entertainment, we recommend heading to Nidri or taking the bus there.

Distance from Nidri: about 1 km. Distance from the airport: approx. 36 km. Distance from the administrative centre: approx. 14 km. Rating of the resort: suitable for all generations.

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